The Midnight Demon Club CD

The Midnight Demon Club CD

  • Pre-Order Releases on: 10/07/2022

Bundle includes:

• Test Me Socks

• The Midnight Demon Club CD (Out of stock)

• Natural Born Killer/Pink Lullabye Digital Single

• Ice Cold/New California Digital Single

• Midnight Demon Club Digital Single

The Midnight Demon Club is about becoming the best version of yourself after tragedy, so it’s a second chance on life with a happier mindset. It’s all about having fun and keeping it moving because we all know, this life is way too short…

Track list:
1.   The Sound
2.   Natural Born Killer
3.   Ice Cold
4.   Midnight Demon Club
5.   Caught On Fire
6.   Wild Eyed Son
7.   Pink Lullabye
8.   New California
9.   Need To Say
10. Cool Kids
11. Love Like This
12. Evangeline